Integrating SAP Commerce and SAP Emarsys using Cloud Integration

The model does this by recognizing patterns in the more than 600,000 salary data points to infer how much each factor – job title, location, experience, education, and skills – will impact the salary. Novalnet’s global payment platform is feature-rich and all-in-one payment facility with the ability to process 200+ payment types in multiple currencies, automation SAP Commerce Cloud enabled and AI-powered risk management. Payments made through Novalnet lead to a rewarding payment experience that increases your bottom line. SAP Cloud Integration is a side-by-side extensibility solution that allows you to extend SAP Commerce Cloud outside of the core application rather than within the core SAP Commerce Cloud solution (in-app extensibility).

SAP commerce cloud integrations

If it ends up in the error directory and the mapping was set up successfully, you should see an error in the logs. You need to define your channels and mapping for the inbound files and how you would like to process them. When executing an ImpEx file manually, you can validate the scripts thought the HAC. Be aware that the validation only confirms that things are correct from a syntactical point of view. Whether or not your data is correct or would be accepted won’t be known until the ImpEx is executed.

Identify the Data Integration Interfaces with Inbound Communication and the functions of OData Services

As described in the SAP Emarsys API documentation, their API requires a WSSE authentication. For this reason, I created the Emarsys security material with the user and password provided by the SAP Emarsys tenant administrator. Our industry-tested software is built to help you innovate while optimizing profitability and your customers’ experience. Integrating inbound and outbound communications with the SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP S/4HANA Cloud integration requires knowledge of important practices. You may not infer any product claims against SAP based on this information.

SAP commerce cloud integrations

You can perform many different tasks in the Backoffice Perspective, including loading, composing and publishing data, as well as creating new pools and feeds. A set of unit tests come with the SAP Data Hub code, as well as an example of an integration test. The scripts and steps to confirm your instance is working, as part of testing your local installation, can be used as a foundation for developing your own tests, and to confirm your instance is working correctly. Way for external systems to receive notifications about changes in SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Financial Products Sub Ledger…

You can generate OData v2 services by creating Integration Objects. Each service is generated through the Backoffice Integration UI Tool perspective or via ImpEx at runtime. The Integration Object definitions offer a business-world view of the types defined in the platform, which are better suited to real-world integration scenarios.

When they meet your needs, you should include in your solution roadmap the task of migrating over to the integration APIs and BTP Integration Suite. Existing customers and those just starting on their project should be confident that the SAP data hub will still receive support. Any future deprecation will follow the process outlined in the deprecation status page. SAP Business Technology Platform, Kyma runtime is a fully managed Kubernetes runtime based on the open-source project “Kyma”. This cloud-native solution allows the developers to extend SAP solutions with serverless Functions and combine them with containerized microservices. The offered functionality ensures smooth consumption of SAP and non-SAP applications, running workloads in a highly scalable environment, and building event- and API-based extensions.

Build a business case for SAP Commerce Cloud

Virtual and Runtime attributes are configured at runtime and will not persist across environments or after an initialization. SAP provides many pre-built integrations between Commerce Cloud and other SAP products. This includes pre-built integrations with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, SAP Marketing, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and many others.

A sender adapter receives incoming messages or connects the tenant to an external system and polls for messages. Also, take the time to visit my colleague Rodrigo Cardoso‘s profile to find out more information about the SAP Commerce and SAP Emarsys integration. To check all the related iFlows to a specific customer replication you can use the correlation ID that is shared between all the iFlows related to a message received from the SAP Commerce.

In-App Extensibility is a pattern where customizations are done within the core Commerce solution. Historically, this has been implemented using classic in-app Core Commerce extensions. Aside from these, SAP also provides a number of In-App extensibility options that can be fully configured at runtime without the need for extensions. ImpEx is one of the core foundations of data import-export in the SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP commerce cloud integrations

Are you on the lookout for AI-augmented test automation for your SAP Commerce Cloud systems? Learn how Virtuoso’s simple, scalable solution can boost your ROI, delivering speed, agility, and quality in your testing operations. As a BaFIN accredited payment institution and PCI DSS certified payment platform Novalnet goes through regular checks to maintain the high security standards and ensure long-term success and growth of its customers. The “Software Hosted in Germany” Quality Seal indicates Novalnet’s commitment in the German quality standards and thorough implementation. Reduce the implementation costs for your commerce solution and accelerate time-to-value. SAP Cloud Integration supports API-based integration development .

Integration of Commerce Cloud with SAP S/4Hana

API and digital teams can build semantic APIs to accelerate digital applications. Organizes data like product information to be propagated using multiple communication channels in a consistent and efficient way. This enables businesses to sell products across multiple distribution channels.It is very important for business as it attempts to satisfy human needs and wants by providing them required products and services. The SAP Product Content Management solution enables you to consolidate product data and catalogs centrally and publish them in various channels.

You can customize the solution to meet your specific needs and manage even the most complex catalogs, products, and configurations for creating exceptional, hyperpersonalized omnichannel experiences. The solution also comes with powerful and comprehensive B2B commerce capabilities. SAP Commerce’s Integration API Module offers a set of interfaces used for data integration with SAP Commerce. You can use the Integration API module to connect services to send data or receive data from SAP Commerce.

  • You can configure a new webhook via backoffice to act on the pre-defined event.
  • Virtuoso enables you to scale test automation across your organization while dealing with dynamic changes across SAP systems and services.
  • Alternatively, you can continue with your existing account on the site you originally registered on.
  • A sender adapter receives incoming messages or connects the tenant to an external system and polls for messages.
  • As mentioned above, monitoring and control of the odata services can be done in SAP Commerce Cloud .
  • Also, take the time to visit my colleague Rodrigo Cardoso‘s profile to find out more information about the SAP Commerce and SAP Emarsys integration.
  • SAP Commerce’s Integration API Module offers a set of interfaces used for data integration with SAP Commerce.

As an asynchronous process that is dependent on a particular event, hook and destination working perfectly means this is not a solution to depend on for reliable delivery. The use of Integration Objects and integration APIs combined with SAP Integration Suite allows for a fully scalable integration solution. Both SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Integration Suite provide scalability features. If you are noticing performance issues, try to narrow down to either SAP Commerce Cloud or the SAP Integration Suite and open a Support ticket. Limit access to Integration UI perspective in backoffice to admins and owners of the integrations. This article will use some of the key aspects covered in Overview of SAP Customer Experience solutions Integration and Extension Optionsto guide you in your decision on which integration option might be best.

Integration Options

Novalnet’s payment platform eliminates the need for SAP customers to tackle multiple partners and contracts with payment schemes, banking partners, acquirers, debt collection agencies, technical agencies, etc. Novalnet offers one contract for all payment services needed to build a successful eCommerce solution. It defines whether a buyer trusts the supported payment system, and whether a seller has guarantee that their money is securely stored and processed. The SAP Commerce Cloud Module by Novalnet ensures the highest level of security together with a full set of certifications and licenses needed to process payments worldwide. SAP Integration Suite is a cloud-based service that combines tools and pre-built content to help address the full range of integration challenges. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation.

Certified Payment Institution – No Bargain on Security

Prebuilt integration is based on SAP Integration Suite, which helps connect applications with other SAP and third-party cloud and on-premise applications. SAP Commerce Cloud solutions can help you ease the buying process for your customers with a smooth experience – from search to sales. A combination of intuitive, self-service capabilities and AI-powered merchandising, guided selling, assisted service, and chatbots further aid the buying process and drive more profit at a lower cost of ownership. SAP Commerce Cloud is our proven commerce solution built mainly for large enterprises with advanced B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases.

The SAP Commerce Cloud solution provides a trusted e-commerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction. The configuration of raw, canonical and target items cannot be done at runtime. Modification of the XML should trigger a redeployment and restart of the SAP Data Hub instance. We recommend to turn off the processing as part of the deployment process, as any in-progress actions would need to be manually restarted post-deployment.

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No problem, simply set up a schedule using intelligent features such as the execution planner. Create fully executable functional UI tests from requirements or wireframes pr-development. Our scalable test automation solution guarantees absolute risk mitigation, reduced testing costs, and agile test execution.

The goal is to move away from “classic”, tightly coupled in-app extensions of SAP Commerce and move towards a decoupled, cloud-friendly way of extending and integrating your SAP Commerce Cloud solution. The use of Integration Objects and Integration APIs combined with SAP Cloud Integration allows for a fully scalable integration solution. You can create your own custom integration objects, monitoring and control of the services can be done in SAP Commerce Cloud and, in addition, the logging of messages can be configured in SAP Cloud Integration. Authentication and authorization to both SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Cloud Integration can be configured in multiple ways. You can also easily test the various integration flows created in SAP Cloud Integration as well as through the Backoffice Administration Cockpit. We recommend that you minimize extensive customizations of data hub and monitor the progress of the pre-built integrations on theRoadmap.

Import and export scripts , provided by the ImpEx module, can be used to get data in and out of your SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Although ImpEx was originally implemented to simplify the data setup in the system during development and this is the purpose it is still primarily used for, however it is also used by Data Hub and hot folders. The SAP Data Hub is deployed and monitored as part of your SAP Commerce Cloud subscription. Consultthis page and its child pages to learn how to configure your code repository and manifest files to ensure your SAP Data Hub instances get deployed with your customizations. Configuring a cron job that runs periodically and collects the changes since previous runtime and sends them out to an external system.

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